The Shane Knight Gallery offers several types of photographs and we do our own custom framing.  We ship all over the United States and around the world, safely and insured.  We do not list prices on the website due to the different types of paper, sizes, framing and availbality. Please contact the Shane Knight Gallery and we will be more than happy to assist you.  928-556-1563

Types of photographs:

                  Silver Gelatin:    Original Darkroom Black and White Photograph.  A timelss and classic Black and White process from the late 1800s made famous by the likes of Ansel Adams and others.  The silver in each photograph contributes to a beautiful and rich tonal ranges of shades of black and white. Each piece is hand printed in the darkroom, on fiber base papers and dry mounted onto cotton rag muesum board.  Signed and numbered.
Resource:  silver gelatin (gelatin silver prints)  :  Richard Leach Maddox

                  Cibachrome:       Original Darkroom Color Photograph.  The Cibachrome process (aka Ilfochrome) is an extremely rare color process with an amazing amount depth and luminosity.  Unlike processes today, several layers of each color was embeded in to the paper.  During the process, color that was not referenced to the color of the transparency film was bleached out, giving the title: Dye Destruction Prints. The paper and chemicals were only made in Switzerland and is now been discontinued.  Shane Knight Gallery offeres a very limited number of these types of photographs. Signed and numbered
Resource: Cibachrome (Ilfochrome) Process  : Dye Destruction Prints

                   Custom Fuji Photograph:  Wet Processed and machine controlled printing and sizing.  This is our most popular process for Color and Black/White photograph.  They are printed on premium glossy and luster Fuji papers.   Since these are custom made and good things take time, there may be a 60-90 day wait before they are ready for shipment.  Each piece is signed by Shane and accompanies a signed image bio. 
Resource: RA-4 Process  :  Chromogenic Photographs

                   Custom Framing:  The Shane Knight Gallery offeres in-house framing.  We mainly use Custom Italian-made frames and high-end American woods.  Each piece is finished with art conservation in-mind using high quality museum matting or closed corner fabric liners. Finaly glazed with Museum Glass, Museum Mat Coating, and/or Mueseum Acrylic. Please give us a call for pricing and details.
Resource: Preservation Framing  :  Preservation Framing for Photographs

At this time we have a delivery time up to 60-90 days out. However, please give us a call it your purchase is time sensitive. Often times there are photographs in stock which are available sooner.

For payment, we accept checks, money orders and all major credit cards.  We offer lay-a-way and monthy-payment options.